December 14, 2012

Davey deliberately delays shale approval

Ed Davey says investigations had found problems with communications between Cuadrilla managers and its board, on which former BP chief Lord Browne sits.

DECC said these related to the “possible cause of the earthquakes and options for mitigation”:
This lapse had not, in this case, caused a serious safety or environmental problem but if left unaddressed the underlying causes would compromise Cuadrilla’s future ability as an operator.
Mr Davey warned he would not grant it final consent for fracking until he was satisfied with a review currently being conducted by external consultants.

This could have been dealt with months ago.

Ed Davey is deliberately stringing out the approval he has been forced to give.

No wonder the government wants to streamline the administration process.

In addition, Cuadrilla's Chief Executive, Francis Egan, explained to the Select Committee this week how they have to submit similar environmental studies to several different bodies, which then go out to separate public consultations.

An uncontrovertible case for streamlining.

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