September 14, 2013

More BBC bias against fracking

The BBC bias against shale is getting quite boring, but it's important to keep documenting their consistently biased treatment of the subject.

Latest up into the frame is Louise Stewart, described as their Political editor, South East.

The headline is that Nick Clegg gives fracking cautious support. Despite this, the picture heading features protest slogans opposing fracking - as often with BBC reports about fracking. This happens too often to be oversight or coincidence.

Of course in a report discussing positions on fracking among Lib Dems, the BBC just has to give its first two paragraphs to protests in Balcombe.

Then the report goes on to invent a Lib Dem split where none exists:
Liberal Democrats' Energy Secretary Ed Davey has warned of the dangers of a dash for gas, but his party leader has now spoken out in support of the controversial process.
Oh look, it took until the third paragraph for the BBC to editorialise that fracking is controversial.

And Ed Davey said unequivocally only a few days ago that he supports fracking. So there is no split.

One more point. The BBC explicitly mutes global warming sceptics in the belief that the science is settled. Who thinks fracking is dangerous apart from green activists? Isn't the science settled on fracking?

Some Lib Dem grassroots may "believe it could damage the countryside for decades". But US experience contradicts that. And what established scientists support that view?

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